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Brain SavvyTM
Creative Teaching Tool  


Brain Savvy pictured on magnetic game board

WHAT IT IS: The activity looks like a game but is actually an exciting new teaching manipulative.

The brain shaped magnets are moved around the track for correct answers. Reach the end of the track and win a prize! Teachers like that students are engaged, because of the game format. It also works at home for charting chores, doing homework, good behavior, you name it.

The format is open to a creative parent or teacher, and it comes with a 16 page booklet of suggestions and instructions for use.

It works great with students of all ages including adults in any setting. Everyone likes to have fun, and Brain Savvy makes learning FUN!




HOW IT WORKS: Click here to view more about how Brain Savvy works.

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TESTAMONIALS: View testimonials from educators and industry professionals on the effectiveness of Brain Savvy!

Brain Savvy is a teaching manipulative developed by creativity experts, Kathy Goff and Jamie McCracken. Please feel free to visit the links below to find out more about how Brain Savvy can be used as a creative teaching tool in a variety of settings, not just in the classroom, but in the workplace and other areas as well.

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Using Brain Savvy as a teaching tool creates an opportunity for teachers to teach in a fun and creative way, and for students to learn and get encouragement from their teammates.
Brain Savvy:

  • Encourages Cooperative Learning
  • Provides Positive Reinforcement
  • Motivates Students To Study
  • Can Be Used With Any Subject
  • includes a Magnetic Board For Easy Viewing
Brain Savvy Includes:
Erasable Flexible Magnetic Game Board • 6 Magnetic Pawns • 36 Sorting Chips • A Number Die • A Color Die • A Timer • 6 Color Dry Erase Markers • And a Helpful Teachers Guide with Many Options for Play




Purchase Small Magnetic Game Board:
Price: $15.00 Each



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