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Other Products & Services

Let Us Help You Manufacture Your Game or New Product Idea in China
Contact with your questions. We have the knowledge, the contacts and the global logistics in place. Free initial consultation.


Consulting Services
Let us help you bring out the best in your people - their creative strengths. We will work with you to maximize the potential of your organization. Contact  with questions or for further information.


Editing Service
$45 per Hour

Let us edit your game instructions, marketing brochures, press releases, articles, etc. Free estimates. Package rates. Email for information.

Creativity For Success
The Creativity Training Packet includes:
  • The ATTA - A 9-minute creativity test along with a coupon for free scoring
  • A CD with detailed information for interpreting the results of the ATTA plus a bank of activities for encouraging and developing creativity
  • The book, Creativity For Success, written by Dr. Kathy Goff and foreword by Dr. E. Paul Torrance
  • Creativity Book - Creativity for Success is the culmination of Dr. Goff's work in the field of creativity as it relates to adults on the job and at home. The book is filled with thought-provoking material that is easy to understand and use.

In addition to in-depth information on the test, the CD contains a bank of activities to encourage and further develop creative strengths and abilities. Whenever an individual encounters a challenging situation, s/he can use the CD to help activate her/his creative juices. This computer based tool provides real time strategies for finding quality solutions.

This exciting self-paced, individualized training
packet can be yours today for $125.00!
Order Now and Get Free Shipping!!

Everyday Creativity
Kathy Goff, EdD

This book is for people of all ages who have a desire and willingness to learn about their creativity. It explores creativity as it relates to personal strengths, learning, problem solving, inventing, mentoring, women and aging. It shows that a positive, proactive belief system works in all areas of our lives and can be expressed through our creativity - our strengths.

To Read Online Click Here Everyday Creativity
Order A Printed Copy Below
Price: $15.00
S/H: $4.00

Creativity For Success
Kathy Goff EdD

This book is for people of all disciplines who have a desire to learn about and increase their creativity. It explores creativity as it relates to problems solving and collaborative solutions in business. Many practical strategies are given throughout the book. Creativity for Success combines theory and practice in looking at and developing our creative activities.

Price: $15.00
S/H: $4.00


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