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Brain Savvy Senior EditionTM
Coming in 2008!  

Following the creation of Brain Savvy Classroom Edition, we recognized the need to create a variation of this powerful teacing tool as a stimulating activity for seniors as well.

Brain Savvy Senior Edition:

  • Exercises the Mind
  • Provides Group Laughter (which is Healthy)
  • Easy Yet Mentally Stimulating
  • Stimulates Conversation and Socialization
  • Magnetic Board For Easy Viewing

Currently Brain Savvy Senior Edition is under further development and production, and will be available in 2008 for purchase.

In the meantime, we invite you to click here for more information and visit the blog section of our website, which will include ongoing articles, and information about this upcoming product, and the importance of keeping seniors' minds active, alert, and healthy.

Thank you!


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